NEWS: Become a Beta Tester!

Jackals is now entering closed multiplayer beta testing stage. We are inviting 100 players to test domination, team death match and capture flag gameplay modes.

To get an early look at Jackals, send us an email request to get on the closed beta invite list! The closed multiplayer testing will continue for an indeterminate time.

Requests can be send to

Looking at the Future of Game Industry

These days game selection is wider than ever. Players have a chance to play everything from miniscule browser-based games to major boxed releases. Game prices vary from mere 70 cents to 70 euro. Games can be downloaded online or purchased at the local game store. There are plenty of different ...

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Finland's Next Gen Technology Pioneers Without Funding

In 2011 Nokia's position as the driving force of Finnish technology is long gone. After a decade in Nokia, engineers are now writing their CVs and starting hopeful innovation companies around Finland. Our domestic information and technology industry is heading for new battles in the form of cloud services and ...

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The Revolution of Game Industry 2011

It has been interesting to see during the past year how touch-screen smartphones have brought people of almost all ages to gaming. As an active gamer, who has played on almost all gaming platforms since childhood, it makes me smile to see how the older generators, earlier opposed to entertainment ...

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